Commentary on “America’s Most Wanted”

My post on Tuesday seems to have sparked some discussion among some people, so I want to address the issue.  I will use this as the Day 18 assignment for the “Blogging for Branding” challenge, even though no one left a comment on the blog, but rather approached me with some concerns.

Apparently, people (really just two guys since they are the only ones that talked to me about it) didn’t know how to take the post.  One couldn’t tell if I was kidding or trying to be satirical.  He even suggested I re-name the title of the post.  The other didn’t think I had finished the post; he was looking for a solution.  In actuality, they are both right.  It was meant to be satirical.  I was poking fun at a few issues that are real problems to people in this world.  Black women looking for black men to marry, white and non-black women being attracted to and dating black men (which some people have a problem with), black men in the streets and not taking care of their families, and black men being locked up for crimes they have committed.  All of those situations are somebody’s reality.  I was trying to invoke some ideas that you (my readers) may have never thought about before.  And the second guy was right (sort of)- I could go on and on and on about either one of those topics.  But I try to keep you all engaged with non-lengthy posts but they get the point across.

Was my mission accomplished-did some things cross your mind that you’ve never considered?  Or am I so off the mark that you think I’m crazy?  Maybe you think I could have elaborated on one or more points.  If so, please share what I missed.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

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