Keeping the Lines Open

It’s funny that the assignment for today was to respond to comments on your blog.  I was planning on commenting on a few replies today anyway, so I’m glad I am on the right track.  Maybe it’s a little bit of narcissism, but I like it when people come read what I have to say, and I like it even more when they feel compelled to comment on what I have to say.  I really want to just thank all of you for coming to read my blog and sharing your thoughts!  I actually enjoy commenting; it allows me the opportunity to see what my readers think and contemplate things I’ve never considered.  I’ve even gotten a good laugh a time or two!

I will do a better job of replying to you all, so that you know how much I appreciate you!  Keep your comments coming! And if there’s a topic on which you want me to write, a question you want me to answer, or if you just to say “Hi!”, feel free to e-mail me at  We are a Blog Family, and as such, we must stay in touch with each other!  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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