Anthony David Performing at Liv

Anthony David is an AMAZING artist, and he’s coming back to DC on August 19.  I’ve already planned on going, and luckily, a friend who will be in town for a conference is coming with me!  Mr. David’s smooth, melodic voice has captivated many audiences around the globe.   At the suggestion of some of my friends via Twitter last summer, I bought a ticket to his show.  As I wasn’t that familiar with him, I went to his site and listened to some of his music.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered he sang one of my favorite songs, “Words” with India.Arie.  After hearing that, I KNEW I had to go to this show.  I even communicated with him via Twitter before the show and asked for a shout-out, which I was told I would get, no problem!  (And might I add that I appreciate the fact that Mr. David responded to fans unlike other artists/celebrities who didn’t.)  His performance was phenomenal!  And after the show, he was more than willing to talk and take pictures with his fans, yours truly included!  (He even recognized me from Twitter, and I called him out for forgetting to give me my shout-out! :))

Based on my previous experience, I’m very excited about going to see him in two weeks!  If you’re in the DMV, I strongly suggest you attend as well.  I’ve also added a little song for your listening pleasure, in case you’re not familiar with him.  He really is a talented artist, and I can’t wait for his next album “As Above, So Below”, which is set to be released October 5.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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