This Week in the News-What’s Really Going On?

It’s been awhile since I’ve done “This Week in the News”.  I hope even though I’ve been slipping you’ve been talking amongst yourselves.  This week I decided to do the newsworthy stuff (at least in my world) with a twist.  I’ve pondered a couple of things this week, and I decided to share those things with you.  Maybe we can create a healthy, lively dialogue, and you all can shed some light on some things that I’ve thought about.

First, I must send my condolences to the family of ex-NBA player Lorenzen Wright.  His body was found yesterday in Memphis, TN.  The 34 year old had been missing for 10 days, and the cause of death appears to be from gunshot wounds.  It’s really sad, especially since he has 6 children.  I truly hope that his killer is found quickly and justice will be served.

Next up, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston.  I’m surprised I even typed their names because their whole situation is ridiculous.  So I’ll move on.  (But, I will say Levi is accused of impregnating another woman…so the big question is will he and Bristol still get married???)

If you are an R&B/Neo-Soul fan, then you MUST be a Maxwell fan as well!  So, you must have been really excited when Maxwell announced last summer that he would be releasing an album each summer as part of a trilogy of albums.  I was about to go in on Maxwell  about the missing album until I just read that Disc 2 will be released Winter 2010.  So I’ll leave the sexy crooner alone…

If you are up on your summer tours, then you know Common (did you see him in “Just Wright”?) will be in the DMV next Saturday, August 7, as part of the Summer Spirit Festival, along with The Roots, Janelle Monae, B.o.B., and none other than ex-flame Erykah Badu.  Now, how often does it happen that a person goes on tour with their ex?  Now, if I’m not mistaken, Ms. Badu had a daughter, Puma, by another man while she was dating Common…I’m not sure about you, but I don’t think I’m that type of woman to go on tour with a dude who had a baby with another woman while we were together.  But if it works for them who am I to judge?  I would like to be a fly on the wall though.

Even though details are still a little sketchy, 18 year old Rayihm Holmes was in a coma for 4 days after a run-in with NYPD.  The teen was a high school football player and was set to start Kingsborough Community College soon.  According to reports, Rayihm, along with two friends, was walking home after a cook-out on July 11 and was stopped by NYPD officers.   At some point, an officer taunted Rayihm, and slammed him to the ground with no provocation (it has been said his hands were raised).    The young teen’s head hit the ground, and he began vomiting and bleeding.  An Internal Affairs investigation has begun, and the family has filed a notice of claim with the NYPD.  This young man cannot remember details about the indicent and requires assistance walking.  I do hope a thorough investigation is done because there is NO reason why he should have suffered these types of injuries. 

Ok, folks, so there’s my rendition of “What’s Really Going On???”.  Are there any news this week that I missed?  I know there is, so please feel free to share.  And provide your own lively anecdotes about some of the news I mentioned from this week.  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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  1. Hello again! I enjoy reading your week in the news posts. Its interesting how you stayed “neutral” this time in not mentioning anything regarding the judge in AZ not passing the entire SB1070 bill, which if you do not know is the illegal immigration bill that has been all the fuss in the news for the last couple months.

    Anyway, supposedly the judge took the top key elements out of the bill (which was to go into law this past week) and now what should have been effective for policing illegal immigration now renders it virtually useless. Being that I am an AZ resident and live in a border town, this is big news this week. I am by no means for racial profiling, but I do support the bill. I think something needs to be done to stop the illegal entry into this country. It isn’t only families or individuals looking for a better lot in life, its drug traffickers, militant cartels, as well as criminals escaping the law of their own countries. We (here in AZ) have more provocation to believe this than the rest of the nation would I suppose due to the area in which we call home. We see this on the news and literally in our own backyards on a daily basis. Although yes there are few amongst us that dislike the bill and Governor Brewer for signing it to become a law.

    Think about it though. There is a national immigration law that has been in effect for atleast 100 years in this country and it is no more rigid than SB1070. The only difference being, it allows police officers to act upon their suspicions. This does not mean that an officer can walk down the street and pick people at random based on the color of their skin or what they may be wearing and say “hey let me see your immigration papers” that would be wrong, not to mention an invasion of privacy. There would be no just cause for the officer to do so and YES that would be racial profiling. But, here’s a new scenario, an officer is on patrol and sees a car run a red light. His job as a police officer is to make sure everyone is safe and abiding by the law. That police officer would pull over that car to give the driver a ticket for running that red light. Now lets just say he pulls the car over and asks the driver for his (or her) license, registration, and proof of insurance. These are all standard procedure questions, now lets say that the driver was not able to provide any of these items. Hmmm suspicious? I think so. Either the driver stoled the car, or is under age, or perhaps in the country illegally. It is the officers duty to get to the bottom of this.

    The law states in the state of Arizona that every operator of a motor vehicle must have a license, proof of insurance, and registration for that vehicle. Its the law. Not being able to provide any would be considered a crime. So in my earlier scenario, my fictional police officer would have to arrest this driver. On top of that, the police officer would have to figure out who the person is…he can’t just automatically believe him (or her) when they say what their name is. How does the officer know this person is not lying to protect themself from being deported or charged for a far bigger crime? So naturally in the process of determining who this person is the officer will eventually have to know their citizenship status. It will come up! Even if he doesn’t ask them directly, when the officer obtains other information on this person, its bound to come up. Has the officer done anything wrong in this scenario? NO. But the people that are against SB1070 want this officer to do his job and NOT know this persons citizenship. In otherwords, charge him for running the red light and let him go regardless if he is in the USA illegally.

    One last thought and I will end. I just want to close by reminding anyone that is reading this that when you visit other countries you are required to carry your passport to prove at a moments notice your citizenship. You are in no way exempt from the law when you are in another country, you have to abide by their laws and standards the same way that their citizens do. If you were even considering the idea of living in that country, you would have to go through there immigration process, so nothing is different here. I hope this made some sense to someone. Thanks for reading.

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