Do You Have an Office Mate?

Honey, meet my work spouse.

No matter where we work or who we befriend, there is always someone of the opposite sex that we gravitate towards.  We hang out with them, we have lunch with them, and we even share personal issues that we normally wouldn’t tell others with which we work.  We travel to their cubicle when we have office gossip, go to them when we want to vent knowing we can trust them, and share our smoke breaks.  But we never knew what to call this person; normally it would just be “friend”, but for others, it’s a much deeper relationship.  They are our “office mate” or “work spouse” (And the real mate has NOTHING to worry about; both parties realize this is just work).  If you weren’t sure what to call this person, now you have a name!

With a previous job, I could say I probably had an office mate.  My office mate, we’ll call him Calvin.  Calvin was my trainer when I first started, so it was probably natural that we gravitated towards each other.  Of course nothing inappropriate went on, but I believe because we worked so closely when I first started it was easy for us to share personal things about our lives.  Even though I ended up leaving that team, we remained friends.  I know of another “office couple” who go to lunch together and the “wife” even brings leftovers to the “husband”.  Another couple keeps each other in the loop of their personal lives, hang out some time after hours, and go to lunch a time or two each week.

I truly believe that your job, no mattter how much you love it, is much more enjoyable if you work with great people.   If you have the worst job ever your co-workers can make you forget how much you wish you were doing something else and your days go by faster.  Do you have an office mate?  If so, what things do you share?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.