Relationship Week is Here!


It’s finally here!  Relationship Week was a concept thought of by one of my aunties and evolved into what you will see before you this week.  Don’t worry-this isn’t going to be your standard “Woe Is Me ‘Cause I’m Single-Here’s How to Get Married-This is Where to go to Meet Eligible Bachelors/ettes” week.  Here’s what’s coming:

Monday: Do You Have an Office Mate? (Do you have a close relationship with a particular co-worker?)

Tuesday: Open Relationships (The pros and cons of being with that special one…and then some)

Wednesday: Mothers and Daughters (in honor of Happy Black Girl Day)

Thursday: Married vs. Single (Thoughts on those who decide they want to one day walk down the aisle and those who proclaim to be forever solo)

Friday:  Fags and Their Hags (Not to be offensive, but to go inside the relationship between gay men and their women friends)

I hope you’re excited about this week coming up.  Feel free to comment on each post, share with friends, family, enemies, whomever!  Sit relax, get a beverage, and Happy Reading! Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city.

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