Digital Capital Week: Opening Party

Everyone loves a good party.  So what better way to start off Digital Capital Week than having one!  An estimated 2,000 party goers attended the Opening Party for Digital Capital Week at the Longview Gallery.  Attendees had the opportunity to party in the actual art gallery, in the fenced in patio,or the alley in between.  There was free beer, wine, and water.  Cool art, videos on wide screens, interactive games, and performers.   My favorite part of the evening had to be the fire-breathing performers.  All you saw were flames and all you felt was heat!  As a self-proclaimed music fanatic, I loved the DJ and the bongo player.  And I must say, I was all too happy when the DJ played “Controversy”!  I had the privilege to meet and hang out with fellow bloggers, videographers, and photographers.  I also had the pleasure to meet and talk to partygoers who were just there to have a good time.   I was able to hone my reporting skills and interview some people, who were more than happy to talk to a complete stranger about their experience.  First, I met Michael, who had just arrived to the party.  He found out about the party that same day by logging on to  He likes technology and likes jazz, which was being played by a live band at the time, and seemed to be enjoying himself thus far.  Michael is from the DC area and shared the party information with one friend, who was on the way.  Brooks heard about the party through a friend and is absolutely NOT a tech person (YAY, I wasn’t alone!).  She spent time researching the event and arrived with other friends.   Brooks considers herself open-minded and was willing to hear about the other events that were going on this week.  Eric is a tech-savvy person and came to (in his words) “meet tech-savvy smart people”.  (I can’t disagree with him, but he wasn’t going to find that in me!).   Eric found out about the event through  He knows a lot regarding technology trends and new media social networking.  Ilana’s boyfriend was the curator for the outdoor music (kudos to you, sir!).  Ilana is a contemporary dancer and enjoyed the music and the venue.   Will, who was excited to be featured, is an IT guy.  He’s used to being the guy to always help people, so I think I made his day when I asked him if he wouldn’t mind answering a few questions!   He was excited to see so many technology people coming together and socializing.  His favorite technological devices are the laptop and the internet, which he feels allows people to see and learn about anything.

Yes, your girl was very busy, but I had a great time!   I was able to hang out with some great people, view some cool art, see some great performers, and enjoy a great DJ and live music!  I had a late night, but I was too excited to get up today to hear what Tony Hsieh, the CEO of, had to say regarding “delivering happiness”.   (You’ll see the highlights from that event in my next post! ) If you were one of the cool kids who attended the Opening Party, what did you think?   Was it all that you expected?  Did you have a great time and meet any new people?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern girl…in the city!

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