Summer TV

I am a HUGE tv buff!  Maybe it was growing up as a latchkey kid and not really feeling the outdoors when I was done with my homework, but the television has been a main source of my personal entertainment for as long as I can remember.   One of my favorite shows during the summer is “Big Brother”.  In my opinion, it’s sort of “The Real World” meets “Survivor”.  This show has everything-competition, romance, drama, back-stabbing, strategy, basically everything you can hope for in a reality television show!!  Season 12 starts on Thursday, July 8, and I cannot wait!  I used to talk about this show so much that a friend of mine downloaded the application and gave it to me a few years back.  Now, I have always wanted to be on the “Real World” growing up, but since I am now too old, “Big Brother” seems like a nice 2nd place, not to mention I can win money (even though it’s not worth it for the application that you have to complete, IMHO)!

It seems as if television networks are obsessed with the nation’s capital.  This year alone the District has been home to “The Real World: DC” and a new season of the Real Housewives is being taped in the District.   But the new summer show I’m looking forward to is “Top Chef: DC“, which premieres on Wednesday, June 16.   In the past 6 seasons, I’ve never really been a “Top Chef” fan (I’ll catch a few episodes every now and then), but I have made a concerted to become a fan this summer.  I think that this show will highlight some of the great restaurants and chefs that the District has to offer.   I may even take some notes of what places I would like to visit, since I seriously doubt that I will try cooking any of these dishes myself.  (But who knows, I may-I need to step outside of my box and experiment a little bit in the kitchen.)  I’m also hoping the show will highlight some of the cuisine that is popular in the DC area. 

What are you looking forward to on television this summer?  Do you have a favorite show or a summer sport to watch?  Until next time, I’m just a Southern Girl…in the city.

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  1. I too am a HUGE BB fan! I am very excited to watch it this season. I am mostly looking forward to watching my kids play in the sprinkler on hot summer days while reading a good book. You can’t beat that! Also, what summer would be complete without a couple of BBQ’s? We also look forward to sitting on our driveway and watching the private firework display in or neighborhood for Independence Day. Unfortunately, this is always the time of the year that I wish I was a teacher out for the summer. 😦

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