A Social for a Cause

A friend of mine, Alana Hill, is hosting “A Social for a Cause” next Friday, June 4 from 7-10 pm at Indulj Restaurant and Lounge located on 1206 U St. NW in Washington, DC.  I was able to attend the first event Alana hosted at Indulj in October of last year.  It was a wonderful event- everyone was dressed to impress, it wasn’t crowded (which tends to happen at most venues in the District), there were a few giveaways, and I was able to meet some new people.  For me, the most important thing that I scope out is the male population.  (Don’t judge me!) I mean, I’m a single woman in my late 20’s so I always scope out eye candy.   And I must say, due to the strict dress code (thanks, Lana!), EVERY man was in a suit…and they were tall!!!!  Yes, that may seem shallow, but I have a preference when it comes to the opposite sex (everyone does), and I happen to like men who are significantly taller than me (5’10” and above).   But I’m getting off track…

There was also a Christmas Social, but due to my company Holiday Dinner and the fact it started to snow I was unable to attend.  But I did hear that the people who decided to brave the elements had a nice time.  This new social is the same host, same location, same locale, but with a twist.   This time, Alana has joined with the DC Black MBA Association to raise funds for their Leaders of Tomorrow program.  Attendees are asked to donate $20 to this worthwhile cause.  So, if you’re free next Friday, which I know you are, and want something fun to do in the city, I strongly suggest you come to this event.  If you’re unable to attend but would like to make a donation, you may do so by clicking here.   Stay on the lookout for the Southern Girl…in the City; you never know where my travels will take me!

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