Southern Girl Heads North

So, I’m a Southern girl through and through.  I grew up in South Carolina, went to college in Florida, and stayed in the Sunshine State 5 years after graduation.  It took me awhile to get used to my new city in Florida.  I really didn’t know anyone, and I got into this schedule of just going to work and going to church-yeah, I know, loads of fun!! -_- After about a year, I became more social, started meeting people, and regained the active social life I had in high school and college.  I lived in a beach city, so every chance I got I was enjoying the rays of the sun and the Atlantic Ocean on the weekend.  I liked my job, my friends, and the city, but I came to a point where I wanted something more.  I had always wanted to live in the District, and when I got offered a job, I jumped at the chance to move.  It was very bittersweet, but I knew to strike out on my own and to accomplish some goals that I had set for myself, this move was necessary.  Yes, I was leaving my comfort zone, and I was ready to take on a new adventure in a new city.

For the past year, I have enjoyed just about everything the District has to offer-nice restraurants, museums and monuments, festivals, events, and even navigating the Metro system.  I knew some great people before I moved here, have met some more great people since the move, and have reconnected with old friends that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to connect with anywhere else.  I have experienced some great things that I truly believe I wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience in a different city. 

My first year has had some ups and downs, but I’m glad to say the ups definitely outweigh the bad.  I can’t wait to share some of my past experiences through photos (I LOVE pictures!); make sure you stay tuned in.  Also, as I come across events, I’ll definitely share.  I don’t want to go anywhere fun and not share with others!  So, make sure you keep up with the Southern Girl…in the City!

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